UV Best Trick

Some clips of Jorr and Binks from the UV contest last weekend.


Since Last Time

Its been a week, and were still keeping it unproductive at the moontower.

went and got lazy eyed at the local watering hole with some bean flicking retard.

bought this.

seshed the tennis courts hard bro!

mikes dad won this Trek mountain bike somehow and for the longest time it sat in the house, getting called the "40 year old virgin" then we started riding it. now we dont even skate.

michaels good at everything and seems to care about nothing. were all envious

purchased an etch a sketch

got down on some c-lo

chase came into town

so did patrick

listen to your father, thats a bad combo son.

lookin tuff

found a banana in the couch from a while back im guessin

threw it at the wall.

and got old banana skeet all in my mustache

played it off though

and the ladies were still lurkin

that radio ad really got us into a late night steaknshake sesh

ya'll got the munchies?

some kinda world record on keepin your contacts in for long periods of time?

munchies as the waitress put it.

hooka sesh


an asian lady selling roses at time out

bruce got stuck behind da couch

shafer sticker in the bathroom

took jeff to the canal to feed ducks

but he was scared so JD manned up

then mike came home from werk with 5 cases of beer from some wedding or something.

so we will be drinking now.if anyone would like to trade for this Heineken let us know.


Lee Bender

Saturday Rise and family threw together a fun day of skating and hanging with the dudes to benefit Lee. It was super fun and i thank everyone for showing up and supporting lee rise and indiana skateboarding.

Even outside the shop Mike just couldnt help from gripping decks for people.

Lovin it.

Binkley up in the club!


Manimal gameface! Jeff busted!

Buddy being epic.


Fort Wayne takin over!

Miles daddy was rippin.

Curb Squirrel.

Ryan setting up the SKATE bracket.

Carl won a board.

Troll got 2nd in the game, and Traycoff took it home!

Mike Block won a board too. Warsaw knows how to raffle!

Workin man!

Go Home! Its Dark!

After a lengthly Lee Bender style race through Forrest Park, i couldn't keep my mountain dew and veggie burgers down.

Sushi Life!

What the fuck are these?!!!

Buddy if you see this, thanks for dinner and being the best dude ever. And to Lee, it was great to see you.