cold showers and warm beer

lets go twaun.
skate2 for breakfast.
steak burgers for lunch.
someone had some fun.

i went back for more at airport banks.

resi hit.
head lamps.
steak and chiles.
larry spot.

drive by at the library.

state fair.


let there be light

got a call from the landlord and he said the moonpower was going to be shut off tuesday due to payment complications. so its been pretty amish for the last day.we just got into an undisclosed location, and with a few extension cords the tower is once again online.
stay tuned for more.



nazi zombies.
for breakfast.
before the bar.
before summer camp.
when your brothers in town.
i think this was for 25.the brothers deetz.


fat kids

handle bar.vegan b&g.im a total fat kid.
this kids been killing it the most lately.
woke up.saw a wallet on the porch.

closer look.yeah walks!

deer creek.
donut shop.

larry spots.

hutch spots.

bloomington park.hes bleeding!
airport banks. Z, you are a mad man.
*to see someone skate this spot properly. refer to Matt Zweislers part in Rise Skateboard Shops "Life Wont Wait"

ive been using bondo alot lately.the banks are bondo color too.

troll is holding down with the edit. over at the ily sto!



ty and roger comin thru with some wood for the spot.

ditch rail.

I guess when tricks are ABD, they just get tweeted.or whatever.mobile blogging is insane.

Biebels Twitter.

And dont forget about these two and their blogging journey.


the beast

$160 and a set of spitfires.jorr time.

Rick E. Flair.


bean.after what i remember to be a 2 hour game.

brads last night in indy.

aric had him for the whole game.

then it all turned around.

dudes.save your ones.