how is it going? the moontower is not dead! but it definitely is not a house we all live in anymore. that really isnt what its about though, at least not for myself. if you have been welcomed to the moontower then you are moontower. anyways short story shorter, im gonna abandon this ol blogspot for the infamous tumblr. maybe if we all move into a house again, i will return. otherwise there is always something missing. For now im in Chicago, working and living the dream, and trying my best to upkeep my friendships and start new ones. If we have reunions or "Moon Tours" you will see or hear of them tumblredded from now on i guess, and maybe in the future we will ask you for money and give you a shirt in return? its been a good run, now i just feel like im in a "moontower daze" though... so enjoy a new joint



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