Afternoon in Bloomington

made a little trip to bloomington to skate and see some friends.

pulled pork sandwich courtesy of hoaglins to go.

brought a few road sodas

something is living in manimals hair

this is the new edition to the bloomington skatepark.well done ryan.

after the skate and it got cold larry took us to some ethiopian restaraunt.

in Ethiopia your only allowed one Dr. Pepper per table. so glad i live in the USA.

they even had an ethiopian music video playing on a HD Flat screen for authenticity.

Larry was very pumped on getting a large portion of curried vegetables.

We then went over to chill at Cassons new place. Where we went through all his roomates shit. We started with his walk in closet/dressing room.

Weddle had is eyes on selling some of these.

then made his way over to the freshening station.i like the background to imagine im getting ready for you.

mike tested the bed,that came equipt with silk sheets, surround sound, and a 32 in plasma screen.total babe layer.

then we dug a little deeper and came across his "life contract", which he wrote to him self and signed.

this guy is going places.

we went back home. took shrooms and played tumbling tower.