New Post!?

Its been a while! Since the last post, the flop burnt down, the crew relocated, and i moved to New York. The other day i found a roll of gems in my bag.Enjoy!

After the house burnt, i went to Arizona for some RR. Larrys trip overlapped mine, which made for some good times.

Steve and Jerimiahs' trip did the same. Which made for more fun. This is Steve after slamming into a wall at full speed. Steve i miss you,and ill see you soon!

Prior to Steve slamming brett had taken off his pants and began to juggle oranges.

This was taken on accident i think, but i still like it. If you cant tell thats the interior of Jorrs CRV.  Thanks for the rides Josh and letting me man the road warrior while you were out of town.

I think this was right after i landed in AZ. We went straight to Filibertos, then to cactus ditch which was great. Bean turned 21 during my visit, it was the best time ever. 

Lohman moved down to Indy late in the summer to go to college. I think hes doing good.


This is the ledge at Arlington School. Its not that great. I think i took this for the spot book.
Pretty sure some tricks went down this day too. Props to Binkley, Brett, and Manimal for keepin it real.

I miss seeing this kid everyday. Dirty dreaded hair. Franks Red Hot on everything. Carmel Park. Always down. G hits. etc.

I wish i could explain this session and do it justice. Pretty much we went to this rail, and Bread tried back smith. The trick ended up getting to his head, like they can. And he ended up slamming a bunch and destroying his hands.

I finally had to convince him to stop, after he could barely stand. He then told me and Wes that the experience trying the trick was the second worst in his whole life. The runner up to a childhood story. Where he destroyed his neighbors brand new flowers with a ninja sword and he hid from his Dad until he came home. The detail of the story was so good I felt that it had happened to me and we were all in tears laughing about how funny it was.Good times.

Fort Wayne session. This mini session got heated. Somehow it turned into who could do the most tre flip fakies in a row. I remember Jorr doing like 15 or something. So good.

Michael probably did 20.

J Roo!

This is a school in Fort Wayne that has some ledges and smooth ground. Its hardly in the ghetto, but some locals were reppin' it as a "hard" part of town. 

The games of SKATE continued until sunset. And then we started noticing things falling from the sky. 

Neighbors across the street were shooting at us with paintball guns, we later discovered. Rooskie took one in the gut, and was down and out.

Driden chillin!

!Ffej. PanAm